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About Brilliant Slots

Brilliant Slots App is Very Trusted Rummy App of Teen patti Master in India. You will get ₹30 of Sign Up Bonus just after creating an account in Brilliant Slots. Teen Patti Vungo apk giving you 30% of commission on the referral.

Q1. What is the Sign Up Bonus in Brilliant Slots App?

Ans: After creating an account in Brilliant Slots you will get ₹30 Bonus.

Q2. What is Refer Program in Brilliant Slots Apk?

Ans:If you login your Brilliant Slots or other Taurus Application Referral account in Brilliant Slots then you will get referral program of old account. Here you will get ₹20 of each people download and after that you will get 30% Recharge commission.

How Many Games Available in Brilliant Slots App?

Ans:Brilliant Slots App is giving you 15 types of Games which you can play and earn money.

Other Feature of Brilliant Slots

  • You will get ₹30 of Sign Up Bonus
  • Minimum withdrawal is ₹100 in Brilliant Slots.
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